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Ear candle
made in       France


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Produced by Indutex

beeswax based


relaxation & comfort

auditory canal

GOTS certified organic

natural cotton &

100% organic beeswax

How does it work?

Simple and effective application for your comfort and relaxation:


Insert the protective cotton filter (the small round) into the ear candle using a thin object. The cotton will protect from possible deposits of wax residue.

Insert the candle into the protective cardboard circle. Leave 10cm between the start of the candle and the circle.


Lower the protective cardboard ring to the ear.



They trust us


I have used these candles for a long time and I find them perfect both in terms of quality and price.

People who think about removing earwax are wrong about the use of this product, it is normal not to find anything and that does not mean that the product is of poor quality.



I had used other brands before but these are very good. The filter is easy to put on, you just have to position it in front and push in its center with a pencil of good diameter and to measure the thrust not to send it to the middle of the cone! No dripping wax next to it.  

Personal and professional use. I recommend this product



I have had eczema in my ear for many years due to the abundance of wax in my ears.
Since using these candles I have had much less wax in my ear and my eczema is gradually disappearing.
I recommend this product;

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Order the desired quantity of ear candles "in bulk" at the appropriate price without packaging

Also produced by Indutex

Indutex produces ear candles with natural cotton and 100% pure beeswax. This ancient and effective method, used in many countries, is easy to use for relaxation and hygiene of the ear canal.

Indutex also produces sustainable and ecological packaging to replace the stretch film and aluminum in your kitchen ECO WRAP

Organic cotton coated with a mixture of organic beeswax, organic pine resin and organic sunflower oil, ECO WRAP is molded on the food with the heat of your hands, it rinses with water after use and can be used for 1 to 2 years


Relaxation and Relaxation




Natural cotton and untreated beeswax


Made in France

Made 80 km from Paris


GOTS certified

100% organic

cotton and beeswax

  • A quoi sert le filtre à insérer dans la bougie ?
    Ce cercle en tissu évite que des résidus de combustion de coton et de cire d'abeille tombent dans votre oreille . Vous devez insérer vous même ce morceau de tissu dans la bougie (voir la vidéo sur la page d'accueil de ce site)
  • A quoi sert le disque en carton ?
    Ce disque sert à bien stabiliser la bougie dans votre oreille et protège votre oreille des résidus de combustion. Vous pouvez aussi utiliser une serviette pour protéger votre oreille.
  • Ou fabriquez vous vos bougies ?
    Nous produisons nos bougies en France à Villers-Cotterets dans l'Aisne : patrie d'Alexandre Dumas.
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